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Cries from the Dark page 1 by FantasyDemonAngel Cries from the Dark page 1 :iconfantasydemonangel:FantasyDemonAngel 1 0 Cries from the Dark Cover by FantasyDemonAngel Cries from the Dark Cover :iconfantasydemonangel:FantasyDemonAngel 1 1
Tourist Trap Audition p8
    Ysmina closed her eyes, Abel told her to hang on, and she felt a lurching sensation.  She felt Abel remove his paw from her shoulder, and she could feel something under her feet.  It was much different than the cold, hard stone of the dungeon, this was warm and soft.  Ysmina opened her eyes and was surprised to see below her feet was bright green grass.
    “We're here,” Abel said.  Ysmina looked up to see the grass extended for miles ending only at the base of the gigantic granite mountains that seemed to surround them.  It was so beautiful that Ysmina couldn't speak.  “You should be safe here, well at least until the tournament begins,”  Abel stated.
    “Thank you for everything, Abel,”  Ysmina told him, grateful for the chance he'd given her.
    “No need, but I must be going now, I have to prepare the other competitors,”  He told her, “I'll
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Tourist Trap Audition p7
    Ysmina awoke many hours later to find herself caged, alone in the dreary, dark, and damp place she recognized as the dungeon.  It was quite spooky down here, she didn't like being in the dungeon even when it was just to clean.  Being caged there, as one would imagine, only made matters worse.  There were no windows, so it was impossible to tell if it was night or day, but one thing Ysmina did know is, it was cold.  It was too dark to see anything clearly, so she began feeling around her cage in the hope of finding a blanket.
    She found that her movements were much more awkward now, without her tail she was off balance.  After fumbling clumsily around in the dark for several minutes she managed to trip, and fell into what she assumed was a table.  A loud smashing sound echoed throughout the room, as Ysmina stood up, she swore she heard something, a voice perhaps?
    “Hello?”  She asked the darkness, whe
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SF Icon Do It Prize Winner! by FantasyDemonAngel SF Icon Do It Prize Winner! :iconfantasydemonangel:FantasyDemonAngel 7 6
Tourist Trap Audition p6
    Xavier was gasping for breath, Ysmina could feel his muscles loosen, he was dying.  Suddenly, a loud thud echoed throughout the room, and an almost blinding light penetrated the shadowed room.  Ysmina glanced towards the doorway to see a red tendril dragon standing in it.  His bright crimson mane covered his right eye, and his left glowed purple.  The dragon roared when he saw what was happening, “What the hell is going on in here?!
    Xavier looked over to the dragon and with his last bit of breath said, “B-brother, help—help me....”
    Xavier's brother charged in, and with all his might he swung his head down into Ysmina's tail and the blade-like horn on his forehead severed it from her body.  Blood poured from the stub, and Ysmina knew she had to act fast.  Ysmina jabbed what was left of her tail onto one of the still hot iron bars, it hurt but the bleeding stopped.  Before Ysmina could think farther the red dragon was on h
:iconfantasydemonangel:FantasyDemonAngel 2 0
Tourist Trap Audition Page 5
    Xavier reared up again, this time aiming to snap Ysmina's neck with his weight.  Ysmina tried to get out of the way, but Xavier was not going to let her get away unscathed.  Xavier's right claw slashed into Ysmina's left side and the force of the strike pushed her backwards and into one of the torches.  The torch fell over and struck Ysmina's back, her fur quickly caught fire and within seconds ther entire hind end was engulfed in flames.
    Ysmina dropped to the floor, the pain she felt was unbearable, but even so her instincts told her to roll.  She rolled along the floor and when the flames died she realized that she felt something against her back.  Xavier stood with Ysmina's back against his arms, and a grin crossed his muzzle once again.  Ysmina, fearing what he would do next sent a set of three tendrils flying at his chest.  
    Xavier caught the tendrils and pinned them to the ground, Ysmina rolled onto her
:iconfantasydemonangel:FantasyDemonAngel 2 3
Tourist Trap Audition page 4
    Xavier brought his right claw down hard on Ysmina's snout.  Bright red blood poured out of the three slash marks on her snout.  Ysmina screamed as pain shot through her face.  Ysmina's horns changed colors wildly as her emotions changed, she felt hurt, sad, angry, and confused.  
    Ysmina looked up at Xavier, tears streaming down her face as she said, “Why, Xavier?”
    Xavier returned to standing on all four paws, he stared at Ysmina, his gaze hard and violent.  “Now Ysmina, did you really think I would accept a child carried by a commoner?”  He laughed malevolently.
    “But I thought-” She was interrupted by Xavier's now maniacal laughter.
    “You thought, what?  That I loved you?”  Xavier said through his laughter, “You, are no more than an easy lay.”
    Ysmina's horns turned blue, as sadness overwhelmed her.  &
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Tourist Trap Audition p3
    Ysmina looked into Xavier's eyes and said once more, “I'm pregnant.”
    Xavier thought to himself for a moment, 'This girl is surely not brave enough to incur that I am the father, she surely is wanting time off.”  He looked into Ysmina's eyes, she was obviously expecting some type of reaction from him.  Xavier cleared his throat and said, “You may take time off to have the child, simply let the head maid know, and also don't worry about our rendevousz tonight.”
    Ysmina was surprised to say the least, was he not happy about their love child?  “Love, maybe you misunderstand, I'm PREGNANT!”  She said with more feeling.
    Xavier was starting to get annoyed, “No, it is you that does not understand,”  He growled and took a step toward Ysmina, “You are bothering a PRINCE with something that has nothing to do with him!”  Xavier's horns slowly began
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Tourist Trap Audition p2
    As Ysmina read the letter her worry was replaced by a new feeling.  Her horns turned such a bright yellow they almost seemed to glow.  She hummed and danced along the path to the palace.  As she reached the doors a thought occurred to her, how would she tell her love?  “I'll have to get him alone,” she thought.
    Ysmina worked diligently in the palace, her new found excitement fueling her to work ever harder.  After a couple hours of cleaning and cooking, it was time for a lunch break.  While the other servants ate their meager meals, Ysmina slipped away and headed for the royal dining chamber.  She knew there would be only one soul in the room with her, the one soul she needed to see.
    The large mahogany doors swung open, revealing a large room with tan stone flooring, and lit with eight torches, placed throughout the room.  In the middle was a large marble dining table, in the center of which w
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Tourist Trap Audition p1
    As the warm yellow light of day creeps into the window of a small one story adobe, one of the inhabitants stirs.  She is a large, light blue dragon, her eyes a gentle shade of magenta, and her nose a soft shade of pink.  The dragon yawns and reveals her sharp blood colored fangs.  Her head turns toward the open window and seeing the beautiful sunny, spring morning, alive with the sound of birds singing the horns on her head change from an off white to a bright yellow as she says, “I feel like today will be a good day!”  No sooner did she say this did she suddenly feel a gut wrenching spasm indicating the dire need to vomit, her body lurched as it attempted to expel something that it did not have.  Ysmina had felt nauseous the night before and did not eat, she was now very glad of that decision.  These spells seemed to be becoming more and more frequent, and she wondered if she would hear from her doctor soon, her horns turned a grayish-blue as she began to worry what mi
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This is not a prank, its not a trick, its not a hoax, this is REAL!

About an hour ago I was checking my messages here on DA when suddenly my screen goes white and a message appears:

STOP!  Your computer with ip address ****** has been blocked by the fbi for one or more of the following reasons:

>You have been violating copyright laws and illegally obtaining or distributing copyrighted media, such as music, videos etc
>You have been viewing or distributing prohibited pornographic content, such as child pornography, zoophilia, etc
>You have been illegally viewing files of another computer, or distributing content without consent
(there's more, but I can't remember all of it)

You have 72 hours to pay the sum of (apparently its different for everyone, for me it was $300), if you do not pay the above fine within 72 hours of your computer being blocked criminal charges will be pressed.

To unlock your computer you must first purchase a moneypak from one of these retailers:
CVS, Rite Aide, Kmart, Walmart, 7-11, or Walgreens

Then enter the voucher number or pin, it may take up to 72 hours to unlock your computer.

This is a complete scam!  I totally freaked!  All I could think was WTF?!  I didn't do any of the stuff it said and I was flipping out bc I don't have $300, there was no phone number so I got on my desktop to look and see if there was a number I could call to try and straighten it out when I found this website…  

I am happy to say that their method worked and my laptop is all better now.    :)

However, since I was surfing DA when it happened I wanted to try and warn everyone, bc It was a real annoyance.  Plus its actually really convincing and I'd hate for anyone to fall for it.


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uh, not much to say, love animal, hate, well haters lol.

i dont bite, so message me if ya wanna talk.

also, im a huge anime/manga fan, and as you can see from how many groups im in, a group fanatic. lol


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if you see this, please 
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